Designing The Perfect Soda Machine Essay

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Designing the perfect soda machine comes with a lot of preparation. Coca Cola has created a soda machine code-named “Project Jet” and it’s been a secret for the past 4 years. The company’s VP of global design David Butler created it. Coca Cola’s machine has been at the top of the game since 2008 according to Beverage Digest. Ever since Butler joined the Coca Cola team they’ve been able to establish so many new things and brands like Coke, Diet Coke, and then newest Coke Zero. David Butler has opened many doors for Coca Cola and he hasn’t come to change a billion-dollar brand but he’s there to re-conceive the design of 13 billion-dollar brands. After 4 years of testing the Project jet will go public this fall. With it being one of the biggest investments in Coke’s history. David Butler, along with industrial design chief Vince Voron built Freestyle to address a host of business conundrums: how to satisfy a consumer base that has been increasingly moving away from carbonated sodas; how to lighten the carbon footprint generated by hauling millions of gallons of syrup around the world; how to offer maximum variety within the cramped confines of a fast-food restaurant or cafeteria; and how to get accurate, real-time feedback on customer choices. Though that seems a lot for one machine to do, he says “I love big, giant, enormous systems, no matter what they are." It really comes to show he likes big systems because with 450 brands operating in 200 countries, and 20,000 retailers
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