Designing an Early Childhood Program

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Designing an Early Childhood Program When designing an early childhood program, the first step would be to assess the need in your community. You need to determine what is missing in your community and then offer a solution. The next step would be to develop your program philosophy. This will let people know how you plan on addressing the need and what values you will be instilling in the children you serve. The last step in establishing a program in your community is to decide the type of program or curriculum that will fit the need that you plan on filling. This will let parents and community members know how you will fill the need of the children you plan to serve (Sciarra, pg. 45, 2001). One of the important roles that…show more content…
This should last from 30 to 45 minutes and is intended to allow the child to see where they will be going and meet the teacher, students, and staff that they will be spending time with. The last step is phasing-in the children and allows parents, grandparents, or other well-known adult to stay with the child for parts of the day so that they can become acclimated to the new environment with someone that they know and trust. This will help them to see that the teacher and staff can also become someone that they can trust (Sciarra, pg. 315-317, 2001). In order for the center to be compliant to state and federal regulations, certain records must be in place in order to run the program. This includes the license, fire drill, tornado drill, code Adam procedures and accreditation if it was applied for. Other records would be staff records to include a background check, health history, documentation of continuing education and shaken baby syndrome training, work history, and education history. Children’s records must also be on file to include first day of attendance, enrollment information such as name and birthday, written consent for emergency medical care, health history, and authorizations to transport the child, and for the child to participate in field trips (WI Admin. Code, 2001). One last important component of opening and running an early childhood center is a program assessment plan. Assessments are an
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