Developing A Master Schedule That Meets All Of The Demands Facing A School

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At first glance, developing a master schedule that meets all of the demands facing a school today seems daunting. There are so many critical pieces of best-practices teaching and administrating that need to be addressed and not enough hours in the day to accommodate the demands, or so it appears at first perusal. After careful examination and prioritization, savvy school leaders can and do make successful decisions regarding time allotment, as is witnesses in most high achieving school across our country. When student outcomes are the primary focus that drives the school culture and calendar, it would be difficult to not succeed at this most important task. The master schedule must include time for instruction (core academics and supplemental course work), intervention and/or enrichment, collaboration, assessment, staff meetings, and planning. It is not enough to just expect teachers to use their time wisely- a strong leader must wisely allot time and make sure that all students receive the instruction that they each deserve. Collaboration and PLC teams must operate and intertwine with one another seamlessly. Grade level teams and specialized teams need the time to interact with each other. Teams need to be fluid, and members must have the time to serve on other PLC groups as needed for stude nt growth. Core academics need to flow with specials and electives classes, and all teacher need access to the expertise that can come from an MTSS or special education team.…
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