Developing Jobs To Ensure All Employees Are Fully Satisfied

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Developing jobs to ensure all employees are fully satisfied and engaged is a difficult task. Human beings contain a variety of personal traits and qualities, which cause individuals to seek out an array of interests. Meaning, fully catering to each employee’s interest is nearly impossible. At the end of the day, duties must be completed, even if the job doesn’t completely align with a worker. With this being said, if all four employees enacted their jobs exactly as they were written– job performance, engagement, and satisfaction would suffer. It’s not as if these employees despise all aspects of their job. But, if these employees could not find a way to be motivated, engaged, and connected, it will force workers to reject their position …show more content…

However, if Andy could no longer be a part of the organization 's development, he would not find value in his work. Previously coming from a job where Andy felt expendable, it’s safe to say if this feeling arose again, he would find another line of work. Andy has spent a significant amount of time and money at school; not fully utilizing his talents, will make Andy feel like a waste. It certainly would be a waste, because the company wouldn’t have benefited from Andy’s energy efficient techniques. Same goes for Jake. Jake is the type of person who thrives on communication, learning, and teaching. Forcing Jake to precisely follow his job description, takes away all socialization. Working in a quiet room all day would cause Jake to fall into a depressed state. As a result, his work will begin to suffer, more errors will occur, and he will most likely search for a job which values his abilities. Karen falls into the same sequence. Without job crafting, Karen would be consumed with data analytics and no longer see the positives in her job. Not only would she begin to dislike her job, but her talents would be wasted as well. If this was the case, I do not see Karen lasting in her position. Overall, the major themes here is, low employee satisfaction leads to poor workplace morale, decreased productivity and high turnover rate. Allowing employees to craft their jobs according to personal interest, empowers members to put their

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