Developing Parenting Skills

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39th St and the phone number is 910-791-1057. The writer was supervised by Lauren Clark, Program Supervisor and Callie Capps, Children’s Programs Facilitator and Group Leader. Lauren is in charge of the Strengthening Families Program for parents of children ages six to eleven. The program is held at Snipes Academy of the Arts. The writer assists the CAPP staff at the Strengthening Families Program from 2:00-6:30pm every Monday afternoon. The writer has volunteered on Monday October 14th, Monday October 21st, Monday October 26th and Monday November 4th and plans to continue until the program is over. Each week the writer observed a new clients attending the program. The program begins with a family meal before the parents attend an hour session with each other talking about goals they need to meet with their children. For the last hour of the program, the parents and children to practice skills and do family projects. The writer thinks the CAPP program is a helpful way to teach parents how to improve their relationship with their children and increase positive parenting skills.
Time at the Agency During the writer’s time volunteering at CAPP, she has worked with the children who are in the Identified group who are working one on one with their parents to improve their relationship. The writer supervised the children while their parents were attending the…
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