Developing a Strong Marketing Plan for an Exotic Pet Shop

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Marketing is an incredibly important part of any business plan and when you conduct marketing is just as crucial. (Lesonsky, 2013) While it is important to keep your marketing plan fresh and new it can be detrimental to use an “on the fly” type approach because it is hard to judge whether your plan is reaching your organizational goals. (Lesonsky, 2013) This is why the “when” of our marketing plan has to be properly thought out and well developed. Timing is very important to the success of a business so deciding when to market is essential to reaching the largest amount of people that would be interested in our product. With our product being exotic animals, it is best for us to market during periods of time when new pet ownership could be at its highest. The best time for us to market would be during festivals or fairs when many families are out enjoying the festivities, as previously stated with Port Orange Family Days and the Volusia County Fair. This would be a great opportunity for us to have a space at one of these festivals and to interact with the community by bringing a few of the exotic animals to the festival. This would allow the public to get to know some of the exotic animals that we have available for purchase at the store. Live animals will always draw attention from a great amount of people; some who are not particularly interested in buying a pet but want to look at a rare animal. However, to answer the question of when is the best time to market,

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