Development Of Mass Media

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Mass Media: Development and Literacy
Daniel Bedregal
Allyson Wells Mass Media: Development and Literacy
Mass media has had many changes in our history beginning with the printing press in the 1400’s up to today. The most drastic changes have occurred within the last century. These changes have influenced American culture in many ways. They have also changed the way we live everyday of our lives.

In the last century there have been many developments in the evolution of mass media. From the first radio commercial to invention of the television and then the use of Facebook, our mass media landscape has changed drastically in the last hundred years. In its day the radio was a major jump in mass communication. Messages were able to be delivered to many people very rapidly. Families’ even rushed home to make sure that they didn’t miss a program so that they didn’t miss what was happening in the world. When the television came along people could not believe how far we had come in just a few years. Now we could view the people that we had been listening to for the last decade. Over time the picture resolution got better stations expanded and we had access to many different forms of broadcasting up to present day when we can record our favorite programs and watch them later. Computers were later released which brought along the internet and different forms of mass media communication. And recently within the last 20 years we’ve had the release of the
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