Development Of The Intelligent Agent Essay

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The essay will briefly introduce the concept of the ‘delegation’ and think about the relationship amongst the smart technology assemblage and people. Then, it will put more empathises on critically analysing two primary types of the intelligent agent, which transforms our life, although it has led to some criticisms including privacy and people are labelled as a “lesser being”. At the end, the essay will look forward to the development of the intelligent agent in the near future. SMART TECHONOLOGY AND DELEGATION Today, Smart technology assemblage is changing the world through transforming the way people live and work. It integrates a variety of elements of communication technologies and information including practice, representations, experiences, affects, human bodies, actions and passions (Slack&Wise,2015). The successful assemblage of smart technology shows the improvement of creativity. For example, smartphone assemblage is an articulation of software, hardware, the Internet, appearance, application, function, setting, technology, distribution chains, retailers and more. The assemblage also can be extended to what it will give, how users perceive the brand value, how it shapes a private space, and how users use the phone based on previous experience. As to delegation, people can assign a task or responsibility to smart technology to do certain jobs, enabling people because they don’t have to do and think about them anymore. That is, delegating to smart technology can
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