Developmental Theorist: Dr. Maria Telca Montessori

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Dr. Maria Telca Montessori was the founder of the Montessori method of education. Maria, an Italian physician and educator, was born in Ancona, Italy on August 31, 1870 and died May 6, 1952. She was born to Alessandro and Renilde Montessori. Marie’s father was a soldier when he was young, and her mother was well educated. As a child Maria was seen to be self confident, positive, and extremely keen in change and helping people. Maria would knit things for the poor, and she enjoyed taking her neighbor out for walks. Also, it wasn't rare for Maria to intrude in her parents’ arguments, she was most likely getting in the middle and trying to make them stop. When she wasn't doing things for other people, and preventing them from fighting she was attending school. During the time of her childhood, the schools were usually filthy and crowed. Although the schools weren't as great as they should have been, Marie was a great student. She was a quick learner and did well on tests. But at age 12 Maria and her family moved to Rome to give Maria a better opportunity to learn. Her parents then recommend her to pursue a teaching career since teaching was more common in those days. She declined the suggestion and she decided to go into engineering because of the love she had for math. In order for her to pursue her dreams she had to attend an all boys school. But instead of sticking with her plan Maria switched to Medicine. After schooling, she became the first woman doctor in

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