Diabetes And Its Effects On Diabetes

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Insulin. Needles. Syringes. Test strips. Glucose. Ketones. Insulin Pump. Endocrinologist. These are all things that go hand in hand with diabetes. Everyone who has diabetes goes through different events or problems each and every day. However, there is more than just one type of diabetes that corresponds with these things; there are two distinct types. It is unsure how Diabetes was discovered but now there are much simpler ways to detect if someone is diabetic. As time has gone on, it is greatly apparent that the technology and all that scientists know about diabetes has changed. Diabetes is a disease in which the body has an inability to produce any or enough insulin which will cause the blood sugar to spike or rise rapidly. There are two different types of diabetes as mentioned The first type is type one which is when the person’s pancreas cannot produce any insulin cells at all and when it comes to type two, their body produces some insulin but due to reasons like weight or food habits, their body can’t produce enough properly. All in all, people with both types of diabetes struggle to produce insulin. “ The stomach and small intestine convert the carbohydrates you eat into glucose, a kind of sugar. Glucose is the body’s main fuel. When released into the bloodstream as “blood sugar,” glucose circulates through the body and feeds the cells. Insulin enables cells to take that glucose in.”(Teen Health and Wellness). This is important because everyone in the world has this
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