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Diesel for Successful Living


DIESEL was founded in 1978 by two designers: Goldschmied and Rosso. The products are available in more than 50 countries and it is based in Italy. They chose an English brand name since they wanted to launch an international brand. That’s why il has the particularity to be pronounced the same worldwide: DIESEL.
DIESEL has been seen in many influential fashion magazines such as FHM and Menswear. It was elected “Fashion Brand of the Year” and “Advertiser of the Year”. Therefore, Diesel is a major fashion brand.
Thanks to the winning campaign “For Successful Living”, Diesel is seen as a successful brand, creative, dynamic and young brand too. The designers are sent all over the world for
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To enter the new and attractive market of high casual wear.
Actually, Renzo Rosso observed the increasing appeal of casual clothing, both in the workplace and during the leisure time. Also, some consumers were now willing to spend large amounts of money not only on smart clothes but also on casual wear. In fact, to be trendy started to mean to be dynamic, lively, mobile and casual.

2. To create an aura of prestige and fashion around the D-Diesel brand.
Launching the StyleLab was to counterbalance the increased diffusion of the D-Diesel denim products and to prevent any possible commoditization of the brand. There was also a concern that the multiple horizontal extensions of D-Diesel could dilute its identity. Therefore, the SytleLab would offer wearable clothing, whereas D-Diesel would be more exclusive, more refined, more expensive.

3. To give Diesel designers an opportunity to experiment with new fabrics and cuts.
StyleLab name originated from the idea of creating a laboratory in which designers could freely test new ideas. It would be a “laboratory of surprising styles” for customers attracted more by innovation itself than by diktats of fashion.

Also another reason for launching the StyleLab brand: develop a new target consumer. Indeed, it could be targeted at two types of people. Firstly the past buyers of D-Diesel who still liked the brand, but who felt that they had outgrown it. StyleLab could appeal to the most trendy D-Diesel
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