Dietetics Code Of Ethics

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Ethics Case #1

1. I would first make sure that there was someone to cover the cash register. I would then ask Sidney to talk with me in my office. We would cover the school and food service center guidelines and the Dietetics’ Code of Ethics. I would then follow through with what is the appropriate discipline for this action, per the guideline with the school and foodservice center. I would let her know that I do understand that it is hard to see a friend in need. However, there are other ways to help than to do something that goes against the guidelines and code of ethics. I would then give her information on community, city, and state programs that will best to help her friend.

2. A. I believe that this situation is a personal, educational,
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A. This situation relates to all five principles of the Code of Ethics. Fundamental Principles number one clearly states, “The dietetics practitioner conducts himself/herself with honesty, integrity and fairness.” (Palacio 163). Number two states that a dietetic professional must promote high standards of professionalism (Palacio 164). These two Codes of Ethics should be enough to explain why this situation needs to be addressed. However, in Responsibility to the Public number three points out that inappropriate behavior must be reported. Number four states that laws and regulations must be followed. Number five says the professional needs to be objective to the unquiet needs of the individual. Number six says not to engage in misleading or false practices. In Responsivities of the Clients number eight points out that when a professional is not qualified the must seek help from those who are. Number eleven clearly states that when working in service all Codes of Ethics must be followed. In Responsibilities to the Professional number eight clear states that the professional should not accept of give gives or incentives. In responsibilities to Colleagues and Other Professionals number nineteen that the professional is to demonstrate respect for the values of other professionals (Palacio 1664-166). B. Other polices, personnel manuals, guidelines that may apply maybe, the schools, food service center, city, county, state, and/or federal. These may apply because the offence
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