Difference Between Adaptive System Development And Adaptive Development

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SCRUM, Extreme Programming (XP), Adaptive System Development (ASD), and Feature-Driven Development (FDD). The IS Strategic Planning performs functions that are almost identical with those of Enterprise Architectural Practice. The system both provide the architecture in which the IT sector would implement. In, large companies, then managers saw the need of combining this software to avoid duplication, where as in Small Medium Enterprise (SME’s) uses either the ISSP or the EA software (Wilton, 2007). The points discussed above relate to each other in a way that they all wants to transform the way managers/ executives run their business and also to be able to adapt fast to changing environment, one can say that these points works hand in hand in the organisation and the main aim is to want to improve the management of information, bringing more client and also having a good relationship with them. these points relates in this way for an example in order for a manufacturing company to operate effectively and efficiently, the top Management need to implement the Enterprise System, …show more content…

The Enterprise System focuses on the external issues and it was developed to deal with buyers and suppliers. It assists the top management in making decisions such as where to market, whom to deal with and from where to purchase the raw materials. Whereas the ERP system gives solutions in a form of modules, it is developed to monitor the flow of information and to provide a real-time reports to management in order to make a good business decisions. These two approaches relate to each other in this way for an example in a manufacturing company, when the ERP receive an order the system will start by checking if the material is available, then it will assist in production planning, it will keep track of every process until the products is delivered to the

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