Differences Between Genders And Communication Essay

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When you think of gender differences you probably automatically consider anatomical and biological differences. Perhaps you contemplate about differences in appearance or maybe occupation. Gender differences are relevant in politics, the workplace, domestic commitments, etc. One large gender difference that appears to be prevalent is that of communication. I believe that gender communication holds many advantages and disadvantages within discussions as well as in distinctive settings. When looking at the differences between men and women when it comes to communication, the disparities are abundant. But why are there so many differences between genders and communication? Is there a culture difference that separates the two? Is there a biological reasoning to focus on? Researchers across the globe have made this their main area of focus, to find out exactly what these immense differences are and why they subsist. Differences in gender communication deal with technology, negotiations, the workplace and persuasion. Researchers believes that the main difference in gender communication is due to the fact the men and women view the purpose of interactions in a different way. Women tend to see conversations as connections while men use them as competition and power gaining tactics (Merchant, 2012). Personally I can reflect on experiences when this objective seems to be true. During dating, women tend to be seen as more emotional and strive for relationship while in some
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