Differences Between Islam And Christianity

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1. The question of Origin. i. Of the many ways in which Islam and Christianity differ, answering the question of origin remains primarily the same as it does amongst all three of the monotheistic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) wherein a single infinite God created the heavens and earth. ii. Though there is considerable contrast between how Islam and Christianity present the creation story both the Bible and the Qur’an textually agree all was created in six days (Qur’an 10:3; Genesis 1:1-31, New International Version), however, the Bible provides a complete cohesive narration in the first two chapters of Genesis, while the Qur’an presents a fragmented picture strewn about various passages. Of the more prominent differences in the story of creation between Islam and Christianity is that Christians believe man was created by God on earth in the Garden of Eden, and Islam professes man was created in Janna, the Muslim equivalent to heaven, and was then banished to earth (Qur’an 2:36). (Word count 155) 2. The question of Identity. i. Islamic religious identity as presented in the Qur’an is often synonymous with how Muslims are culturally identified. Islam requires its adherents to follow five basic tenants of their faith, which allow for no variation in application and in turn act as the guiding principles by which they are to live their lives. The Five Pillars are the recitation of the Muslim confession of faith (Shahada), daily prayers (Salat), to fast
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