Differences Between Structured Data And Unstructured Data

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CIS 8045--Final Exam--Due on D2L, June 3, 7AM. NOTE: This is an open book, open notes exam. No Collaborations. Work on your own. Please answer the questions in your own words. Q1. Similarities and differences between Structured data and Unstructured data (18 Points) Similarities between Structured Data and Unstructured Data. 1a. What are some of the key differences between managing structured data vs. unstructured data? Structured Data Unstructured Data It has a well-defined content or high degree of organization No identifiable structure Structured data fit nicely into relational databases. Unstructured data does not fit into relational databases as it does not have a pre-defined data model or organized in a pre-defined manner Structured data is easily searchable by basic algorithms. Searching it based on the old algorithms ranges from difficult to completely impossible, energy-consuming task. Examples- spreadsheets Examples- emails, text documents like Word docs, PDFs, etc. social media posts, videos, audio files, images, presentations, webpages etc. Data is represented in rows and columns Usually converted into XML and then to Semi-structured. Focus of Metadata is on the syntax e.g. format Metadata focus is on semantics Structured data can be accessed through language such as SQL(structured query language) There are several solutions available for analyzing unstructured data namely SAS,IBM Watson etc. 1b. What are some of the key similarities between managing
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