Different Forms Of Integrated Care Essay

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The goal of this assignment is to define the diverse forms of integrated care and to provide evidence on their impact both on the patient and also the future of the registered nurse. An integrated care pathway contains many elements in order to make it function. There must be a clear declaration of the aims, objectives and key elements of care founded by evidence, the best practice available and a consideration of patient expectations. The records, 24-hour care and assessment of changes and outcomes must be monitored. The assistance of communication, good organisation of people’s roles and sequencing the actions of the relatives, multidisciplinary team, and most importantly the patients. For an integrated care pathway to be truly multidisciplinary, it should never be developed by one staff group. At the outset, all staff groups involved in the patient journey should be identified. A typical working group should include doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, with input from administrative and managerial staff where it is necessary. If the pathway exceeds boundaries of care, such as, discharging patients to services outside the hospital or healthcare setting, reps of these groups should be involved with their integrated care plan. It is the integration of health care, social care, and other external agencies such as voluntary groups and private sectors that impact on the patients care and health professional’s quality of care giving. It does not need all

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