Dilemma at Devils Den

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A Case Analysis Report on
“Dilemma at Devil’s Den”

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This case, “Dilemma at Devil’s Den” is about Susan, a business student, and her experience as a student employee in the campus snacks bar called The Devils Den. It basically deals with ethics and individual behaviour of a person towards the organization. Susan observed that the employees of the Den were allowing their friend free food, themselves taking food …show more content…

This created an acceptable environment to "take extra" which after a while became the norm.

Managers did not see a value in going against the norm, this would have caused increased tension with the larger group and forced them to make a decision between friends and a job that didn 't mean much. With management allowing the group to continue the action it reaffirmed the acceptability and strengthened the norm.

Objectives of Case Analysis * ‘Freebies’- i.e. taking away food for free by employees and their friends:
Food for employees during their working hours was free. But, the employees had a habit to take food for free after completion of their shift and also for their friends.

* Inventory was not maintained properly:
Student workers as well as Student managers were not in a habit to maintain the inventories of snacks bar. This aided the employees to take food easily from the store.

* No written rules or guidelines:
Devil’s den was running without any set rules and regulations. The employees were free to act the way they wanted.

* Weak supervision by student managers:
As mentioned above, the student managers did not supervise the workers properly. Be it making inventories, guiding workers for store management etc. they were neutral. * No training or supervision for student managers:
There was no training or orientation program for new

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