Dilemma at Devil's Den

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In the case study of the Dilemma at Devil’s Den, we have a student snack bar Devil’s Den, which was managed by contract with an external company College Food Services (CFS) that had many organizational challenges that needed to be immediately addressed. An employee Susan realized these challenges. One of the main many problems was the theft that was going on for a long time. The employees were allowing their friends to take free food, and they themselves were also taking food in large quantities when leaving their shifts. The storage room could be easily accessible as it was unlocked all the time. Employees took advantage of this situation to take free freebies from the storage
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The management system at CFS has, till now, been an unprofessional work environment with a most casual and unconcerned stance towards its employees’ immoral ways. The employees, mostly fresher’s, are devoid of any previous experience of a workplace, causing them to adopt their own set of rules and regulations on being introduced into such a careless work scenario. Added to that is the low paying job, subject to growth by a mere 15% after promotion, along with the pressures of long working hours and overnight shifts is tempting them towards ulterior means. The unchecked ways of these newbies has led to a lot of loss to the Devil’s Den, both in financial terms as well as in terms of its reputation before customers who too are taking advantage of the situation.

This informal attitude of employees has led to an unprecedented state of affairs wherein Susan needs to step in and take a stance between her moral beliefs and gains of a more personal nature. She needs to analyze the pros and cons of each dilemma that she faces. As the student management is not willing to take action on this matter, Susan could, abiding by her values, approach the co-workers and demand that this immoral activity be stopped. However, this may turn the group against her and she may, eventually, be forced from her position.

Alternatively, Susan could wait till she is appointed as a manager in the

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