Direct Marketing Servicing Proposal

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Proposal to Board of Directors

Direct Marketing Servicing

By Team 3
Mario Reyes- Network Architecture Senior Manager
Jason Kitchens- Software Architecture Senior Manager
Joshua Fox- Information Security & Assurance Senior Manager
Jeanine Phillips- Web Strategies Senior Manager

08 February 2013

Introduction to the Proposal’s Purpose and Content

Direct Marketing Servicing Corporation is a medium-sized manufacturing company with 250 employees. It directly markets one product: unique coffee cup with a patented ball bearing sliding mechanism. Nathan Jr. and a group of 10 other executives run the company.

Direct Marketing Servicing Corporation has received a large sum of money from a venture capitalist. The venture
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We strive to live in the now and not the then.

Web Strategies
This company is in need of new ideas and more employees to venture capitalist of a 100% predicted growth projection within the next five years in order to survive and compete in this productive and competitive world, So being manager of this department , I will assure that the company will meet all competitive objectives by marketing and promoting through advertisements on the Web, Blogs, Articles and business directories and all through web strategy websites. In doing so this company will promote
Leadership and Marketing
Membership and Meetings
Human Resources and Technology
This company 's standards will be honored by its Code of Ethics~

The Ethical Code will pertain to this company to provide the best possible services to its community while working with any quantity of customers honestly and respectfully and reliably while serving business which will honor and reflect this company 's standards and name.

Information Security and Assurance Department of the IT Systems Functional Area
By Joshua Fox
Member of Team 3

Part 1: Information Security and Assurance Department Composition (four components)

The IT Security code of ethics will be a strict working model of the department. The code of ethics will be the teams guide to upholding to the strictest standards for the safety of each individual. By having the power

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