Disadvantages Of Perception

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The word Perception comes from the Latin words perception, percipio, meaning “receiving, collecting, action of taking possession, apprehension with the mind or senses”. Literally, perception can be expressed as an assumption of someone regarding with what they perceive on. This is in accordance with the opinion of Atkinson (1999) which states that perception is the way of an individual attract and realize on a process of an action and whether in conscious or not tries to transform it as a valuable information or knowledge on things around them.
Based on the description of the perception over it drives a conclusion that perception is a assumption or impression that appear on an individual when perceive an object or event and then transform …show more content…

While according to Young, Qualitative research is an approach that involves several methods:
• Systematic collection, organization and interpretation of textual information (also images/video) • Inductive approach to generating novel insights into phenomena that are difficult to quantitative

Qualitative is an approach that is used in research to reveal an information from the opinion of the researcher, realities in social life in a specific context (Glickman, 2007).
2.2.2 Advantage doing qualitative research
The advantages of doing qualitative research (Conger, 1998; Bryman et al, 1988; Alvesson, 1996): a. flexibility to follow unexpected ideas during research and explore processes effectively;
Qualitative is a flexible approach that can be applied in research. It is not bound on the specific rules. Therefore in qualitative more depends on researcher analysis. The unexpected ideas during research are not the barrier to explore the research effectively.
b. sensitivity to contextual factors;
c. ability to study symbolic dimensions and social meaning;
d. increased opportunities

2.2.3 Reason to use qualitative

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