Discipleship Reflection Paper

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Throughout the Core 399 curriculum, five questions are used to analyze the main topic that we discussed. This semester, the main topic was that of discipleship. The questions are as follows: What is discipleship? What does Scripture say about discipleship? How should Scriptural principles shape our understanding of discipleship? What does the world say about discipleship? How should a Christian live in the world today with respect to discipleship? Each of these questions are important for engaging discipleship, as will be demonstrated through the analysis of each question, the application of two other mentor groups that focused on one aspect of discipleship, and through the analysis of Gordon Spykman’s quote: “Nothing matters but the …show more content…

Christians should also consult the Bible on the difficult issues of the world, and discipleship is no exception. Matthew 20 does this, where Jesus asks his disciples to make discipleships of all nations. This implies that disciples are not individual, nor are they excusive. Discipleship is also not regarded as an action, but also a belief, and Scripture specifically specifies that being a disciple includes following Christ and believing His words. This can be demonstrated with the “Fighting Fair” group. In their presentation, this group specified that disciples should work together as a community, and if there is a conflict, disciples should use Scripture to resolve any issues. How should Scriptural principles shape our understanding of discipleship? If Scripture requires disciples to operate together in fellowship with others as well as to avoid exclusiveness, those aspects should be included into the definition of discipleship. As such, discipleship includes fellowship as one of the key components of its definition. Another key component is the belief in a method, which Scripture calls to be the belief in Jesus Christ. Without this specific belief, the discipleship falls flat and disappoints. In the “Failure” group presentation, the concept of Scripture influencing discipleship is subtly shown. When discussing disciples, the only reference made were to Christian disciples. They also made a reference

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