Discovery Wheel Reflection

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I have been a student at Germanna Community College from this semesters, and over the course of my stay One specific experience I had while doing Discovery Wheel really shows how integrated this learning is and most of my result is same yet, some section I have done some improvement but still I need to improve my Thinking and Communicating skill because I don't know how to share my knowledge with others who may have no idea what I am talking about by being more Socialize, Understanding, Talking, Listening stay around the people ask the question what I hear or read and thinking positively takes suggestion, Analyzing the viewpoint will it help me or I find other sources. I have grown and learned more than I thought possible. I discovered about myself. I’ve never thought of myself as a leader, but because the class used group thinking in more than one occasion, I found that I am a good leader. I communicate my ideas to the group while trying to balance the ideas of others so the group can come to an agreed upon decision. The biggest hurdle in the…show more content…
Many of us think that there is only one occupation that is best suited for us, but there are really several that may be good choices, a career is more than just a job, or working, or occupation. It also includes progress through life, growth and development in various areas of life, there are general skills which will be required the career I pursue. These skills include the ability to read, write, compute, think critically, and communicate in an effective manner. Increasing the knowledge of my skills, doing related work as my career to gain experience also will do internship and take more related class to major. When I started this career, I thought I was going to spend the next 8 years, twice the time but now I feel I’ll achieve my degree within five
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