Discussing Personal And Team Reflection Essay

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Introduction The requirement for the first half of this assignment was to form a group of 4 or 5 members and create a 15-minute formative presentation on a topic decided with the tutor. Our group consisted of five team members; two girls and three boys. In our first meeting, as shown in (Appendix A), our group discussed which topic we would do for our presentation and what each member would be doing to contribute to this presentation. After the Team Leader was chosen, it was time to decide what topic we wanted to do for our presentation. We were given a list of 11 topics to choose from so we had a good variety which enabled us to discuss each one and select our favourite. Our topic of choice was ‘Development of the Internet of Things’ and was chosen as a group as we all thought it would be the easiest, most interesting and have the best information to talk about. The second half of this assignment was to produce an individual report which will discuss personal and team reflection. This report will include team reflection which will discuss team roles, communication and the results of our teamwork. In addition to this, the report includes personal reflection which will discuss personal attributes including reference to the use of personality profiles and the contribution of myself within the group. Team Reflection Team Model – Bruce Tuckman The Bruce Tuckman Model describes the process of development that a team follows to achieve high performance and success. The process

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