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Dismissal Meeting Dr. J. Ford Human Resource Management 530 November 11, 2014 Dismissal Meeting The purpose for writing this paper is to describe and explain the steps involved in coordinating and heading a dismissal meeting for an employee layoff. The contents of this paper will include a proposal of ways that a manager can cope with any negative emotions that may accompany an employee layoff. There will also be mention of a step-by-step process used in conducting the meeting. In addition, the human resource manager of the organization will determine the compensation that will be allotted by the company. Included will be a chart depicting the timeline of the disbursement for the compensation. Last, the author will predict…show more content…
An example is that the employer of AYZ Company will provide the separated employee one week’s pay for every year that he or she has worked. The employee made $2000 a week and worked 10 years. Therefore, his or her compensation will be broken down to two payments a month for five months. The employee will be paid $2000 every two weeks on the 1st and 15th of each month Timeline of the Disbursement for Compensation Severance Pay For Five (5) Months 1st of the Month 15th of the Month Jan $2000 $2000 Feb $2000 $2000 March $2000 $2000 April $2000 $2000 May $2000 $2000 June $00 $00 July $00 $00 Aug $00 $00 Sep $00 $00 Oct $00 $00 Nov $00 $00 Dec $00 $00 Impact of layoff In most cases, an organizations reputation is usually harmed in layoffs and downsizing. Organizations that downsize may have some benefits, depending on the circumstances behind the layoffs and the strategy that is implemented. Downsizing also poses problems for organizations with long-term employment relationships. According to the authors of Human Resource Management 530, “downsizing alone is not as effective as downsizing combined with other efforts to change” (Stewart, G. L., & Brown, K. G. (2012). In addition, the layoff also causes a ripple effect that causes the team to break. Three implications for the organization are decreased customer loyalty, emotional distress, and increased
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