Disney And Disney Of Disney Land

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When asked about Disney the overwhelming majority will have happy thoughts associated with Disney. However, my research into Euro Disney radically changes my opinion on such a glamourous franchise. This is coming from one of the biggest Disney advocates in the world, Euro Disney is an embarrassment to the Disney name as well as the brand. The disrespectful manner Disney went about creating a new world in a foreign nation lead directly to its looming demise.
Disney world has invented an immensely strong brand that is easily one of the most recognized brands in the history of the world. Through making heartwarming movies for families Walt Disney created characters that were completely embraced and beloved by all. Walt Disney was able to provide people with an escape to a world full of happiness based on his characters. Most notably he created Mickey Mouse which allowed the Disney company to spin an entirely new world after Walt’s death in 1955 called Disney Land. From the creation of Disney Land in 1955 the company has expanded into six different resorts/theme parks making over billions of dollars and one of the most successful business models of all time.
A way a person behaves and thinks is influenced by where they are raised. The reason for this is because they are exposed to certain situations that may only be prevalent in the area where they live. In other terms this can be seen as cultural differences. Cultural differences can vary drastically from city to city.…

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