`` Disobedience `` : A Spiritual Journey Essay

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Often, one embarks on what is termed as a spiritual journey. In this journey, one would aim to find out one is, what one’s problems are in one’s life, and how to come to peace with the world. The primary purpose is rarely to find one answer; rather it is a process of continually asking questions. The novel Disobedience describes a spiritual journey of several fictitious characters, one being Ronit Krushka. Ronit is the lesbian daughter of an Orthodox Jew, Rabi Rav. Until the age of sixteen, Ronit and her father live together in a London suburb. It should be recognized that Ronit’s mother passed away when she was young, and at times it seems that she blames her father for this. After a serious dispute, Ronit flees to America in hopes of finding freedom from her father and his strict Orthodox ways. It is not until after his death during her adulthood that Ronit truly embarks on her own spiritual journey and begins to understand her father more clearly. Throughout this essay, I will describe my personal spiritual journey while reflecting upon the spiritual experiences and religious worldviews detailed in the novel. Throughout my childhood, my mother wanted us to attend church and learn about God. Her father was a practicing preacher and had raised all seven of his children in the Christian faith. During her adolescence, my mother had arguments with her father as she did not always understand why she was required be a follower of God. Now my mother especially feels that

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