Disorderly Youth in Communities

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Disorderly youth are big problems in most communities whether they are associated with gangs or not. Problems consist of loitering, graffiti, property damage, vandalism, noise, cursing, fighting, assaults, panhandling, shoplifting, underage drinking, drug dealing, etc. Some problems are only highly annoying while other misconduct is full of hatred and violence. No matter the significance of the problem is should be handled because if not small problems can turn into much bigger issues in which will be harder to handle later on. Many problems with disorderly youth occur in shopping malls, businesses, public parks, school grounds, convenience stores, and other common areas.
Gangs are very appealing to youth where gangs thrive because they fulfill the need for attention and the need to belong. Identity can be gained in the gang culture along with friendships and the closeness that lacks in a child’s home. Gangs fulfill survival functions for youths by becoming family and earning living through illicit activity. (Hess, 2011) There are many theories and methods that can be used in the situation of disorderly youth.
The Seattle Social Development Project (SSDP) believes if joining gangs is prevented early on, then there will be no problems to deal with later on and therefore created three implications for efforts to prevent youths in joining gangs. Prevention efforts should begin early, target youths exposed to multiple risk factors, and address all facets of youths

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