'Disrupt Think The Unthinkable'

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However, this amalgamation of ideas did not come without its difficulties. A physicist named William Shockley and his companions came up with a breakthrough invention of the transistors which greatly changed the direction of technology. He then moved to the Valley where he employed the bright minds from Stanford and set a company in the industrial park. He made his employees take psychological tests to determine if they work together, before employing them. However, he failed to assume the role of a leader and in the end lost the trust and respect of his colleagues and employees (Simthsonian). In our assigned text book for this semester, Chapter 17 of “Disrupt think the unthinkable” discusses the traits of a disruptive leader. Williams failed…show more content…
For example, William Shockley who was born in England, invented the transistor. Like a chain reaction more innovators and companies were attracted to the Valley. From the famous garage, they created the Homebrew Computer Club where they started working towards their goal of creating a personal computer (historychannnel). Hobbyist and bright minds would share and trade technologies. We have recently formed seven groups in which some ideas interlock or can cooperate and help each other’s ideas grow. It is possible to business ventures to share information that benefit every participant and the Silicon Valley serves as an example. There were many other places where people tried to create computers but they were not as successful as the Valley. Besides being willing to attract brilliant minds and sharing information the leaders of the Valley were also not afraid to fail. They would try out very idea see where it failed and try once more. I hope to incorporate this trait in our group project. Homebrew eventually lead to the creation of Hewlett-Packard and Steve Job’s Apple computers.
The most important factor towards the creation of a personal computer was the environment. Terman might have foreseen that setting an industrial park would take businesses closer to Stanford university forming a symbiotic relationship between the university and tech companies. Having leaders like Terman who encouraged working together and sharing of ideas was also vital. Lastly willingness to take risks and work on the kinks if they were errors to correct. Some say that Apple rose to the top under Steve Jobs, by taking risks and by correcting mistakes made
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