Distance Learning and Black Board Essay

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Distance Learning and Black Board Distance learning is when students take courses by using some form of communication other than face to face communication with an instructor. This type of learning has been used since as far back as the 1800’s when adults would learn handwriting by ordering lessons through the mail (Cosgrove 2002). The technology for distance learning has been progressing for some time now. Iowa State University started to offer courses through television in 1934 (Cosgrove 2002). These days we use the Internet for distance learning. Distance learning has recently become more popular and more advanced; there are now programs that can help professors organize their online classes. Online classes are a convenient and…show more content…
This way even if someone is finding Blackboard difficult to use or doesn’t understand a particular area of “Blackboard” help is readily available (Professional and Educational Services p.3). “Blackboard academic suites” are used mostly in colleges and universities. In using Blackboard a professor can do many different things that could make teaching a lot easier (Blackboard Solutions p.1). With Blackboard a professor can post announcements, send e-mails, post class discussions on the discussion board, post online quizzes, make the syllabus available online and much more. When a professor puts all these things on the Blackboard site it becomes available for the whole class to see. A professor can even post an individual’s grade to the site so that only the individual can see their grade or send an email to an individual. Other things a professor can regulate is the appearance of their course site, and whether or not an area of Blackboard is used. This allows the professor to make there job fun and easy but still be doing there job to the best of their abilities and making the best of their resources. There are ten different areas of Blackboard. These areas are announcements, course information, staff information, course documents, assignments, communication, discussion board,

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