Diversity And Adversity : Resilience Essay

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Diversity and Adversity: Resilience in American Higher Education, 1860-1890’ and Today; Gender and Education Diversity in Higher Education
Over the last forty years of working in the field of Education, Betty Colonomos, has observed the growth of diversity in Higher Educations as one of the most positive impacts. In Colonomos’s opinion, “The student population shifted, so the demands shifted to meet their needs, and as well, our understanding of their needs. Diversity expansions, provides us with a wider opportunity of cross culture learning, with classes such as; Black studies, Women studies, and Social Justice.” Colonomos has also observed in addition to the curriculum of colleges, the need to attend college sways with the demands of the work force. Examining the idea that, “for over half -a- century the job marked has moved from manufacturing to a service economy. Most service jobs today require an education making it impetus for people to go to college. Today, you just cannot support your family on jobs like coal mining. The evolving job market, and cost of living, has made it crucial for people to go to school, changing the History of Higher Education.” This paper will examine diversity expansion and the evolution of higher education, and how that has or has not impacted women. We will do so by way of a comparison of “American Higher Education, 1860-1890’” to today (Thelin, 2011). Women and Education
Civil War While there were some women colleges at

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