Do You Know That The Alchemists In The Ancient Ages Melted

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Do you know that the alchemists in the ancient ages melted many substances in crucibles with the hope of turning those into gold? Likewise, a challenging experience – “Crucible of Leadership” – can turn someone to a successful leader if he can manage it properly. The stressful and challenging experiences to serve under an extremely demanding Commanding Officer (CO), Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Saif, is the most significant event in my life that transformed me to a committed, self-aware, and adaptive military leader. My experience with him was positive, yet profoundly challenging. This crucible experience forced me into deep self-reflection to reexamine my values, judgement, and potentials. It also set the foundation for me to step into the …show more content…

Without prior notice, very frequently, he used to order for long range operations where the patrols had to stay out of the bases for more than a week. He not only sent us for operations, but also continuously monitored the patrols, and directed those for instant activities. However, I maintained tenacity and seek for self-improvement where other Company Commanders felt broken and burned out. The stressful days challenged me both physically and psychologically. This experience appeared as the “Neoteny” of my leadership that shaped me as a resilient and adaptive organizational leader. It also taught me the military values like stewardship to the profession, empathy, warrior ethos, and discipline.
This experience is significant to me because it develops my leadership skills and values through a deep self-realization. Despite strictness, I find my CO was a leader of character, imbibed with military values and high level of commitment. My experience of continuous interaction with subordinates enables me to practice the philosophies of mission command. I am gradually mastering the skills of developing a shared understanding and mutual trust in the organization. I also realize that how commander’s presence influences the subordinates and exponentially enhances their performances. It helps me to comprehend professional ethics, and how to follow the right path irrespective of situations.
Furthermore, this experience enhances my adaptive

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