Does Ana Rosa Really Like Guario's Friend Essay

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1. I infer that Ana Rosa really likes Guario’s friends because the way he acts is “perfect.” I think this because Ana was running to see him (clumsily). Also, Guario’s friend does not really care about her, at all. I think that Guario’s friends will notice Ana later and “hang out” with her and Ana will forget about her literature and focus on him. 2. She feels that Angel pretends that Ana is Invisible. She feels this way because Angel danced with Angela, not her. 3. The last paragraph tells me that there are going to be much more big events that she will not expect later on and that she will have to look out for it. 4. Infer who or where Guario’s girlfriend is/lives. I infer that Guario’s girlfriend lives somewhere hear his restaurant but

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