Does Depression Affect Adults

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There are many mental illnesses in the world, some are diagnosed, while others suffer silently without attempting to get the help they need. Depression is just one of those many illnesses that affect people in a multitude of ways. Even though depression affects individuals mentally, depression also has specific, age-related effects. It is going to look different when it appears in an adult than it will when it is a child, or even from one gender to the other. For instance, during childhood, boys have a higher rate of depression than girls do. It is often overlooked because depressed boys tend to act out and the underlying depression is often missed. Dysthymia, a milder form of depression, is most commonly found in elementary children. This…show more content…
This could be due to the fact that when a child is depressed, he or she becomes more sensitive to failure. The fear of failing becomes more defined, increasing the chance that he or she will stop trying to do anything. This could then lead to the feeling that everything is meaningless (“Depression in Children and Adolescents”). Depression is a lifelong struggle. Therefore, a child who suffers from depression is very likely to suffer from it when in his or her teenage years and as he or she becomes an adult. As the child progresses into his or her teens, depression can have a negative influence on his or her school work as well as relationships (“Teen Depression”). As he or she becomes an adult, it can impact his or her job. He or she might have a hard time accomplishing what is expected of him or her. This could lead to him or her having a hard time keeping a job (“How Depression Affects the Workplace”). Depression does not only affect the child with the illness, but it also influences the people surrounding them. Friendship is based on the fact that the two people enjoy each others company. When one is depressed, the joy and happiness that is usually felt with a friend can disappear, leaving a strain on that
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