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Chapter 9
Motion Pictures


1. Without the phenomenon known as "persistence of vision," the motion picture would not be possible.
Ans: T

2. D. W. Griffith 's Birth of a Nation is celebrated for its forward­thinking content.
Ans: F

3. Though designed to decrease competition in the film industry, the MMPC actually encouraged competition.
Ans: T

4. Block booking means that theater owners must agree to show certain films in all the theaters they own.
Ans: F

5. The inventors of the Kinetoscope predicted the real money in motion pictures would be based on showing films to large audiences.
Ans: F

6. In the late 1940s, the courts upheld studios ' rights to control production,
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fiber optic cables
E. all of these
Ans: E

26. Film advertising and promotion is handled by the industry 's ________ arm.
A. creation
B. production
C. distribution
D. exhibition
E. ownership
Ans: C

27. The two newest MPAA categories are PG­13 and:
A. X
B. R­18
C. PG­10
D. NC­17
E. G­10
Ans: D

28. Which of the following is NOT a defining feature of motion pictures?
A. device convergence has affected how films are made
B. the potential cost makes films the most expensive media product
C. the industry is dominated by big conglomerates

D. film has a strong aesthetic dimension
E. going to the movies is frequently a social experience
Ans: A

29. A narrative statement of plot with character descriptions and perhaps some sample dialogue is a:
A. preproduction
B. treatment
C. 1st draft script
D. script polish
E. storyline
Ans: B

30. The casting function of films generally falls into which of these areas?
A. exhibition
B. concession
C. production
D. distribution
E. none of these
Ans: C

31. Adding music and effects occurs during the __________ phase of filmmaking.
A. treatment
B. preproduction
C. production
D. post production
E. production review
Ans: D

32. A _____ means that several companies involved in film production and distribution will pool their resources and finance a film.
A. joint venture
B. limited partnership
C. pickup
D. sliding scale
E. concession
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