Professional identity and career paper

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Professional identity has been defined as “the possession of a core set of values, beliefs and assumptions about the unique characteristics of one’s selected profession that differentiates it from other professions” (Weinrach, Thomas, & Chan, 2001, p. 168). Professional identity is not acquired at once it is a process of one understanding the profession as it relates to trainings, a heritage of theories and an understanding techniques. Professional identity is the results of a developmental process that facilitates individuals to reach an understanding of their profession in conjunction with their own self-concepts, enabling them to articulate their role, philosophy, and approach to others within and outside of their chosen field…show more content…
One of the main objectives of these counselors is to help students reach their full potentials. In the occupational outlook handbook it states that; they may also overlook programs for career education. More often than not, school counselor’s work toward assisting students with problems related to their social and academic life as well as other unique needs. (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Ed.). A professional who holds a Master’s degree in counseling my also chose to have a career as a Vocational counselors. They may also be referred to as a career or employment counselors. These counselors offer counseling services in places other than the school setting. Their main objective is to help individuals with career choices, examine an educational background, employment history, skill and abilities, personalities and other aspects to help them. Additionally, career counselors may offer support services to people who have lost their jobs or experiencing career change issues (Baxter, 1997). Another career choice for an individual with a Master’s Degree in counseling may hold is a Rehabilitation counselor. This counselor assists people with social, personal and vocational issues resulting from disabilities such as people born with emotional and physical disabilities. A key part of a
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