Dreams and Their Roots

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Dreams and Their Roots The Story of My Search There have been mornings where I have woken up with images of blood and death in my head. I would wake up with sweat dripping down my temple and shaking. Not only are nightmares terrifying, but also they are considerably worse if they are happening to you. When I woke up each day, I have asked myself: What is causing these nightmares? What are dreams anyway? From my prior knowledge, I understood that dreams are just things that happen to you while you are sleeping. I had an idea that they were cause by something in your brain but I did not exactly know what that was. I also knew that they affected a lot of people, but besides that, I did not know much. Since I enjoy sleeping, I was curious to know what exactly dreams were. I also wanted to know why occasionally you would have nightmares and other times you have remarkable, amusing dreams. Were there particular things I could avoid before bed that would stop the nightmares I had had? I compiled a list of all the information I wanted to learn. From that list, I was able to shape my research question: What are dreams? Later, I was able to form a solution: Dreams are caused by the course of stimulating brain circuits for joining more recent memories with older ones. My search took about eight days, and it was an incredibly challenging experience for me. I began with a completely different topic. Once I started to search online, I recognized I didn’t like my topic.

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