E Business Model : The Marketing Model

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E-Business Model

The e-business model is like a traditional business model, it describes how a company functions, how it sells products and services, how to capture new markets and technologies, and how to generate revenue. The basic difference between the two models is that an e-business is conducted over the internet and also known as electronic business. Like any other business, e-business activities also take place between the two parties mainly for the sale and purchase of products and services, these transactions occur either between Business-to-business (B2B) or between business-to-customers (B2C).

eBay Inc.

eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar, when he was 28 in 1995. It is an American multinational and e-commerce company, specializing in sales over the internet. Today, it has operations in over thirty countries, providing services to B2B and B2C. Initially eBay started as an auction Web site but latter introduced the concept of “Buy It Now” to create an efficient marketplace based on streamlining and trust.

E-Business Growth Plan

The first and the foremost thing that the e-Bay focused on was to create a market place on the strong foundations of fairness and trust during the early e-business days. One of the tools that eBay used for its growth plan was to expose a deceptive or fraudulent user to the community and ban him/her from the marketplace. The foundations of eBay were so strong that in record numbers business owners started setting up their e-shops on

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