E. Coli Break Out: A Case Study

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At the end of 2006 both Iowa and Minnesota suffered an out break of E.Coli from Taco Johns. The restaurants that were affected were in Cedar Falls, Albert Lea, and Austin. In December of 2013 Iowa health officials recorded that at least 50 of its residents became ill with E. coli and 27 from Minnesota. January of the following year the Food and drug administration stated that the FDA was close to identifying the source of the E. coli break out. According to the FDA 81 individuals became ill. 26 of those ill were hospitalized with E. coli infections and two even developed hemolytic uremic syndrome. There are many ways E. coli can be transported. Some are raw dairy products, produce as in the case above, and even water. When E. Coli is in its incubation period the out breaks are usually reported in two to three days but could be as soon as…show more content…
Coli causes almost 100,000 illnesses and 30,000 hospitalizations, and 90 deaths annually in the United States alone. Individual who get the non shiga toxin producing E. coli have a less severe illness, but there is still a chance they may become severely ill with infections or even death. Although this is uncommon for non shiga toxin E. Coli. When Shiga toxins reach the blood vessels a chemical chain reaction occurs and begins to form small blood clots. Some of the high risc organs are the kidneys, pancreas, and even the brain. The toxin can also shut down protein makers which will cause cell injury or death. The toxin will also damage red blood cells and even kill them off. There are even scientific studies that link E.Coli to long term emotional disturbances. Antibiotics do not help improve the symptoms or cure E. Coli, and have been though to even increase the severity of the out break. The main thing one can do is have supportive help and care. This is used to help pay close attention to hydration levels, and nutrition. Unfortunately, there is no cure for one is has suffered an outbreak and only time will
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