E-Marketing Strategy of Hamrobazar.Com

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Considering the current volume of internet marketing business, it’s hard to believe how young the internet marketplace is. While the timeline of internet marketing has been short, the cumulative events leading up to where we are now have impacted the entire globe faster than any marketing revolution in history. Today, it’s hard to believe in having an organization which doesn’t have some kind of online presence. When the internet was first introduced in the early 90s, the internet was treated as a tool for exchanging emails and digital information, but wasn’t yet considered valuable for reaching customers. Soon, companies which had been spending huge chunks of their marketing budget on offline list building, begin to realize
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For all those who wish to sell their product and for all those who wish to purchase a new or a used product hamrobazar.com is the perfect answer. The best thing above all, it is for free. Hamrobazar member can login and sell their products for free.

Hamrobazar.com is free online classified which enables individuals as well as companies to sell wide variety of new or used product online. Hamrobazar is visited by around 50,000 unique visitors who use the site for buying and selling purpose. Compared to newspaper classifieds, hamrobazar.com will provide more comprehensive detail and pictures thus enabling consumer to choose better. Hamrobazar.com has created such platform where both seller and buyers can interact with each other

Mission Statement and stated goals of hamrobazar.com

Hamrobazar.com does not appear to have a predetermined mission statement, nevertheless, the basic mission and goals of the Company is to provide a perfect solution for selling the products for free. It also believes that internet is a great promotional vehicle as well as communication channel for connecting buyers and sellers. In general, hamrobazar.com has communicated that its mission is to influence technology and potential to provide the best buying experience on the Internet for free.

Business Philosophy of hamrobazar.com

Despite its increasing popularity, hamrobazar.com remains unremittingly focused on the

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