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Module Booklet Course: EDEXCEL BTEC (HND) Travel and Tourism Management Group: Ed excel Level 5 Module: Unit 24 – Employability Skills Module type: Optional Module Code: L/601/0992 Module Credit: 15 Teaching Period: (15+6 weeks) Level: 4 (QCF) Contact Hours: (15*3) + (6*3) = 63 Lecturers: 15 weeks Revision Clinic: 3 week Feedback and assignment guidance: 3 weeks Lecturer: Mr Olajumoke Taiwo Start date: February 2015 Day: Wednesdays and Fridays Time: 06.00p-9.00pm Term: CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 2. MODULE OUTLINE AND TEACHING METHODS 3. READING AND COURSE PREPRATION 4. LECTURE WITH DETAILED COURSE PROGRAMME AND OBJECTIVES 5. ASSESSMENT DETAILS 1. INTRODUCTION All learners at all levels of…show more content…
awareness and use of body language, openness and responsiveness, formal and informal feedback to and from colleagues; ICT as an effective communication medium; team meetings Interpersonal skills: personal effectiveness; working with others; use of initiative; negotiating skills; assertiveness skills; social skills Time management: prioritising workload; setting work objectives; making and keeping appointments; working steadily rather than erratically; time for learning; reliable estimate of task time Problem solving: problem analysis; researching changes in the workplace; generating solutions; choosing a solution 3. Understand the dynamics of working with others Working with others: nature and dynamics of team and group work; informal and formal settings, purpose of teams and groups e.g. long-term corporate objectives/strategy; problem solving and short-term development projects; flexibility/adaptability; team player Teams and team building: selecting team members e.g. specialist roles, skill and style/approach mixes; identification of team/work group roles; stages in team development e.g. team building, identity, loyalty, commitment to shared beliefs, team health evaluation; action planning; monitoring and feedback; coaching skills; ethics; effective leadership skills e.g. setting direction, setting standards, motivating, innovative, responsive, effective communicator, reliability, consistency 4 Be able to develop strategies for
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