Early Life Development Of Children Essay

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Early life is very crucial in the healthy development of a person. The initial years of a child are critical in determining their developmental trajectory. According to World Health Organization (2016), healthy early childhood development includes social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. World Health Organization further adds that these domains of development are very significant in influencing the well-being, mental health, criminality and economic contribution of a person throughout life. Various factors affect the early life of a child including the environment, the financial stability of the family, and the relationship between parents. This essay will focus on these aspects of early life development of children between pre-natal and eight years without focusing on their biological and genetic endowment. Further, the paper will seek to analyze the extent to which early life affects the health of the children.

The environment in which a child is born and grows in majorly affects his health status. Children born into safe, interconnected communities tend to develop into smart, caring and peaceful adults. Their upbringing also lays down a foundation for their personality traits such as extrovert or choleric personas. The reason behind such personalities is the stable mental health of the child. The brain develops faster during the first years of a child’s life mainly due to the different surroundings that the child experiences. These critical years affect the

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