Eating Speed And Calorie Consumption Analysis

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Critique of Eating Speed and Calorie Consumption This article aimed at discovering if a steady food consumption, as opposed to a fast food consumption, would reduce the potential for increased body weight. It was made evident that the authors believed the slower you eat, the better for your body and overall health. This article looked at if individuals would become more full, have less hunger, and have lower meal energy intake if they are given a meal to eat slowly. This was then compared to individuals experiences after they are given the same exact plate to eat at a fast speed. The goal was to see if there was a difference between the two groups and if the results are significant. It discusses many previous researches, identifying one by…show more content…
This is a very strong way to begin the discussion of an article as you are recognizing those who paved the way before you, acknowledging what they lacked to do, and attempting to bring new insight into the discussion by analyzing the data you have found. Water consumptions were increased in both groups during the slow consumption periods. When subjects participated in slow consumption, they had a lower amount of energy received from food which was shown to be connected to the larger amounts of water consumed and the decreased amount of food consumed. The limitations mentioned were the fact that the overweight individuals may have been self conscious and thus ate a reduced amount, the social dilemmas that influence the ways in which individuals consume food and to what extent, and meals were not conducted naturally but were planned out, the subjects were told what to eat and how to eat it which may have lead to discomfort. Slow eating subjects may have been more aware of the scenarios and have a stronger control of their feelings of their hunger inhibition and fullness. Gut hormones could have influenced different responses in regards to eating…show more content…
It seems weak as it is not bringing something special to the conclusion. There is nothing that states how it affects the greater population. They did not go into detail about why their research was significant or why it needed to be done in the first place. It was also not stated how this study could affect others in a positive way or how these findings could be used in the future. They did a good job of summarizing their points but it becomes a bit muddled as they had so many other points in their discussions that they did not tie together in the conclusion. In the introduction, they discussed how there was a limitation as most studies focused on Asian populations but did not discuss this further in their discussions or results, when they had the tools to do so. No direct correlations were made between eating speed being positively associated to body weight, which is the direction the study seemed to be going in the beginning of the
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