Education And Gender Roles Are Direct Causes For The Renaissance

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Education and Gender Roles are Direct Causes for the Renaissance. Throughout the Fourteenth and into the Fifteenth Century, there were a number of tragic events that directly caused the need for a revitalization of society. This revitalization was needed to restore hope to the people that were living each day for survival. Some of these events were the destabilization of the Catholic Church with the relocation of the papacy from Rome to Avignon. This would soon be followed by the Black Death and its mammoth death toll that lead to the reduction of work forces and uprisings of peasants. At the same time, England and France were fighting a series of wars that would later be deem The Hundred Years’ War, and this battle would add to a…show more content…
The classical Roman Culture was idolized by those involved in this Renaissance. This idolization of Roman Culture led to the re-institution of classical education and gender roles, with slight modifications to focus on Humanism. These two significant changes in society were the catalyst by which the Renaissance was caused and grew with great speed and popularity. Coming out of the time in Europe that was riddled with death and violence, people wanted a better society with certain rights and securities that would be guaranteed. This can be seen in a document from 1378 in which a revolt was recorded when the popolo wanted certain requests guaranteed. The document that recorded this event was the “Chronicle of the Ciompi Revolt” from 1378 and reads, “[July 21, 1378] When the popolo and the guildsmen had seized the palace [of the Podesta], they sent a message to the Signoria…that they wished to make certain demands by means of petitions, which were just and reasonable…They said that, for the peace and repose of the city, they wanted certain things which they had decided among themselves.” (“Chronicle of the Ciompi, 1378”, Discovering, 204). This was clearly a violent uprising of the popolo and guildsmen to demand more freedoms and rights for a better life for their families and guild. All that people knew, at that time, was the massive death toll that was produced by the Black Death and the wars that continued popping up
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