Education And Training Within The Aviation Industry

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Education and Training within the Aviation Industry Kamiana K. Jardine Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Management 314: Human Resource Management Professor Trish Poznick Abstract This essay examines how companies are meeting the demand for a highly skilled work force through the integration of technology and higher education as well as adaptation policies enacted by the FAA. It will examine the current market as well as forecast the next few years within the industry and how this will affect employers and employees including an emphasizes on the additional training and certification required of new hire pilots. Finally, this paper will also analyze the effects of new policies and procedures as a result of certain events both locally and internationally. Education and Training within the Aviation Industry The aviation industry, especially the commercial airliners, requires constant improvement in order to meet the increasing consumer demand for safe and efficient air travel. In their most recent FAA Aerospace Forecast, the FAA projects an increase with commercial activity The most fundamental element that keeps these travelers safe is the need for adaptive and relevant education and training for airline employees. In 1993, 737,000 people worked in the air transportation industry with another 53,000 in the Federal Aviation Administration and 542,000 in the manufacturing of aircraft and related parts (Hansen, 1997). The industry today has grown substantially and has
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