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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. While education can be powerful it can be dangerous in the wrong hands and if not used properly. Public education can be used to help people, how misunderstandings can be related back to the lack of education, and how lack of education can fuel the fires of terrorism and extremism. Malala’s life was affected by other people’s misunderstandings and modern extremism. The first goal is to show people why public education matters and that brings us the readers, to the first topic. The main goal of public education is to prepare students for higher education. Without higher education world producers wouldn’t have the skilled workers required to make their plants run. Without factories or educated people we have no money or new product. If the teachers that help put educated workers in plants are not taught the correct things from the beginning, then they in turn teach people the wrong information pertaining to their jobs causing mass work accidents. That is how education is needed in the world and how it can be blinding if not taught correctly. According to, “Education in the Middle East and North Africa”, (MENA) or Middle East and North Africa, has taken great strides in education. It has quadrupled the average level of schooling since 1960, halved illiteracy since 1980 and achieved almost complete gender parity for primary education. Net enrolment ratios (NER) rose from 86 to 94 percent between 2000

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