Education Is A Transformative Component Of Creativity And Learning

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Problem solving in education is a transformative component in fostering creativity and learning. An educator is constantly seeking new ways to better enhance and to create meaningful learning experiences. In a world that is so driven by technology in the digital age, finding ways to creatively use Computational Thinking and Computer Science skills will create innovative thinkers among our students. Besides the foreseen challenges of the ever changing upgrades and application of new technologies; how can tools and computing skills be presented in such a manner to create and instill problem solving skills that will be lasting benefits for our students? As I continue to bring my two educational worlds, art and technology, closer together I strive to create problem solvers through engagement, construction of knowledge, reflection, and collaboration.
To create problem solvers I find it most important to engage student learning. This can be done by using a variety of instructional strategies and techniques. For example, as I look ahead to the upcoming school year the participation in an art class is required for all 7th grade students. I will certainly come across several students that might have no interest in art practices, but my challenge is to find ways to engage these students to spark an interest whether it be through a particular subject or ties to technology. In regards to technology, Computational Skills can be incorporated into the art curriculum to further
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