Effective Communication Necessary for Effective Teaching

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Effective communication is an essential skill for teachers to possess. Their level of communication must be high in listening, verbal and in writing amongst students, parents, the school and even community. The superior level of communication through listening, explaining and providing feedback from the teacher to each student is crucial to ensure learning and future development. Listening to students to gain knowledge of their current progress and level of understanding is most essential for high quality learning and teaching because it allows the teacher to adapt their methods of communication so that students understand. Being able to explain tasks and present learning material to students in ways they will understand is also important for students to gain knowledge and encourage learning. An example of effectively explaining tasks to students is when it comes to homework as if the student does not completely understand the homework tasks they may struggle when trying to do the work from home with parents if the task is not clear and concise. Feedback both verbally and in writing, is imperative as it ensures that students are on track and find ways of improving with their studies in a positive way. Without this high degree of communication between teachers to students done by listening, explaining and offering feedback there is no guarantee that any learning can occur. Teachers need to be effective communicators when it comes to parents for mainly reporting on students’
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