Effective Communication Through Verbal And Nonverbal Messages

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Effective communication through verbal and nonverbal messages is an important skill to have in life. This skill requires both the speaker and the listener to actively participate in the 2-way sending process. Effective communication is important because it is the only way I can share my ideas with others, and how I can learn or get information from friends, family, teachers, and even strangers. To be able to communicate with others and to get the intended messages across successfully will lead to stronger relationships and better productivity. I communicate with people every single day and there is always a chance that misunderstandings can occur. By eliminating noise in the environment, and presenting my message clearly with my words and image, will minimize barriers and establish communication that is not only efficient, but effective as well. What I found interesting about interacting with others is, “that the most powerful element of communication is the visual.” I have learned that presenting myself as a strong image can make the biggest difference, because first impressions really do impact other people’s thoughts of me. In addition, if I present myself congruently with my values, then others will be able to see that image I’m trying to project and the trust will start to grow. When there is trust between both parties, it will be easier to communicate and everyone will feel more comfortable giving and receiving information. I want people to recognize that my image

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