Effectiveness Of Working Capital Management

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5.1 Introduction
This chapter is aimed at giving conclusions that are coming from research and also recommendations given to the outcome. The conclusions and recommendations are based on the findings of the research that were presented in the previous chapter. The findings and discussions give an overview to the management team on what needs attention
5.2 Summary of critical features
The research set out to analyse the effectiveness of working capital management systems in improving the profitability of manufacturing SMEs in Zimbabwe. The primary objective of the research was to analyse the working capital needs of SMEs, to establish whether working capital management systems have an impact on the profitability of a SMEs so as to provide a suggestion of what should be done to improve working capital management in manufacturing SMEs and finding out the weaknesses in WCM systems used by SMEs. Primary data was collected and the findings indicated that there is indeed a link between working capital management and profitability of SMES. Currently SMEs manage their WC poorly and hence their poor financial performance and slow growth. As a result small firms should upgrade their investment in working capital, adopt more efficient systems so as to improve their profitability and growth through adopting the recommendations crafted in this chapter.
5.3 Conclusions
5.3.1 Conclusions on Cash Management Practices
From the study most SMEs…

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